Sunday, April 5, 2015


Semi Formal/Formal requested

Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer Donn DeVore (formerly known as Edward Kyomoon in SL) is a veteran rocker in Second Life performing since November 2007. Starting at the age of 16, Donn began performing live for audiences then went on to play guitar & keyboards in several local rock bands in the early 90's. 

As a songwriter and composer, Donn performs originals that have become "favorites" within his group. He also performs rock music & love songs ranging from the 60's to the present, covering bands & artists such as: The Doors, Blue October, Snow Patrol, and Nine Inch Nails. Add to this, Donn is a consummate performer of Pink Floyd tunes. As a recording engineer, Donn produces many of the backing tracks he uses for live performances. 

His music ranges from guitar based pop songs of dreams and desires, pumping with electronic beats, driving bass lines layered with melodic slide guitar and high energy guitar solos; ambient soundscapes, instrumental songs expressing emotions with notes and the spaces between; sincere acoustic ballads that speak of want and desire, or the despair of isolation and solitude; lyrics are delivered with deep soulful vocals that rise up to powerful soaring lines against lush chord progressions and memorable melodies.

Donn's reputation as musician, singer, songwriter precedes him. Words that many fans use to describe his music include spectacular, passionate, and energetic. All of these words appropriately describe a Donn DeVore concert. And when you add to the mix that Donn is such a personable, nice guy, one understands the "star" appeal of this artist.

Live on The Grid May 15th from KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar

Live on The Grid May 15th from KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar