Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Awesome Biker sim come by! Looking to rent land or a store on a biker sim?

Check out this awesome biker sim!
PRMC has fully renovated and added an all new Mountain track with winding roads & tight turns. There are rez zones on all levels, just look for the giant red "Keep calm and Rez" signs.
We have an awesome club with Dj's daily & always looking for more. Game room on sim.
For Dj or host inquiries contact: Victoria KJeller (Vicktoreeia)
For MC Rides contact : Trin86 Resident

Our Store & lot rentals open March 1st...Come get your spot before they go. Prices range 50L-400L weekly.
Contact Anek Fuchs or Sparkie Cyberstar
Below are photos to give you an idea of what we have.
MC involvement is not required but feel free to check our family out we are accepting applications for the MC.
Come by!

Live on The Grid March 19 - KMG