Monday, December 29, 2014

~ ANEK FUCHS @ 6PM slt/pst @ KEY WEST !

~ ANEK FUCHS @ 6PM slt/pst @ KEY WEST ! Join us in the awesome winter venue tonight!

Come enjoy as Anek magically meanders a fretboard searching out the next piece of his soul, to share . . Burning up the grid, and shredding his way through the common barriers of genres and style in the SL music scene.
Anek is an amazing guitarist who can shred like nobody's business!
Both his electric or acoustic sets will take you..right to the place you need to be. It ~will~ de-stress you...thus the term "Guitar Therapy". Add that to an amazing, haunting & beautiful voice he is not to be missed!
His song list has a wide variety to choose from--you're bound to find something that you'll like, . Come to a show, we'd love to see you there !