Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dave Smith Live Video gig @ 9p cst/10p est on Concertwindow.comi

"Greetings, my name is Dave and I will be LIVE tonight . . . and not far from where you are RIGHT NOW! you don't have to go ANYWHERE to see it, think of it, you do not have to spend a dime on gasoline, or whatever fuel you use, you don't have to stand in crowds, smell cigarettes, no beer spilled on your by that clumsy drunk guy, you do not have to pay for parking, AND you can enjoy this show from the comforts of your own home, on a laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop computer. Best of all? it only costs a minimum of a dollar to enter, you can totally pay more if you want . . . I would not argue. if enough people show up, or pay more, I will play for two hours. I have a song list link I will provide so that you can make requests from it. I hope to see you there."
set your calendar, alarm, and mind to experience something NEW!
DAVE SMITH - Come enjoy as Dave magically meanders a fretboard searching out the next piece of his soul, to share  . . Burning up the net,  and shredding his way through the common barriers of genres and style.
Dave is an amazing guitarist who can shred like nobody's business!
Both his electric or acoustic sets  will take you..right to the place you need to be. It ~will~ de-stress you.Add that to an amazing, haunting & beautiful voice he is not to be missed!
His song list has a wide variety to choose from--you're bound to find something that you'll like.

Concert Link
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Live on The Grid May 15th from KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar

Live on The Grid May 15th from KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar