Friday, November 21, 2014

(99) Phoenix Rising MC

(99) Phoenix Rising MC

The Follow Returns to SL at The Ruins Friday 21 Nov 2014 6PM!

We welcome you and "The Follow" to what promises to be an awesome event! Many fans have long awaited their return to virtual domain, and now they are coming back, with a new fervor, a new passion, and new songs! we hope you will join us for this landmark event!

"Building Machines To Reach The Stars" is the new release from The Follow. The band has enjoyed sharing stages with various artists such as Slash, Plain White Tâs, Billy Corganâs Zwan, & Gravity Kills. With seven albums, one concert film, and hundreds of live performances, The Follow received airplay on college and commercial radio across North America while supporting the releases by touring in the United States and Europe. The Columbia, Missouri trio is excited about this new thematic album and the journey each new release brings.

Live at Lavender Field 2pm-4pm for Feed A Smile

We have a very special event at the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile today!  Ian Harrod  and  Virgil Flowers  will be gracing our stage for t...