Thursday, September 4, 2014

LIZ ADAY: (Singer/Songwriter/Performer) @ 12P @ THE PARTYCULAR THEATER @ The Lefevre Mansionl

LIZ ADAY: (Singer/Songwriter/Performer) @ 12P @ THE PARTYCULAR THEATER @ The Lefevre Mansion

Liz Aday. (LizAday Solo in SL) is a singer/songwriter who performs in SL as well as RL, located in NSW, Australia. (transplant from Seattle)
Liz has shared stages with icons Pat Benatar, Micky Thomas (Starship), Big Brother and the Holding Company (as a vocalist), & Rick Derringer to name a few. She has even worked in the studio with heavyweights such as: Steve Smith (Journey), Mick Mahan (Benatar), Paul DeLisle (Smash Mouth) and many more.
Liz has a broad range of tastes in music, but lately has been performing acoustic driven/looper/drum machine trip hop/pop. As you will see at the show she has quite a diverse songlist and has been known to play covers from Sam Cooke, Rihanna and Korn in the same set.

Liz Aday is a must see one of a kind!

Live in SL May 26th on the grid!

Live on the Grid May 26 - The Keys Management Group