Thursday, June 19, 2014

TODAY'S LIVE MUSIC @ MOONACY @ 4P-6P SLT/PST - Jordan Reyne & TG Ronas


4pm - Jordan Reyne, New Zealand's darkwave priestess musician simmers bits of dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial grit into a primordial stew... blended with her ethereal vocal sorcery... she will captivate your spirit and take you for a muggy trudge in the swamp.

Join us at 4pm at MOON ELECTRIC for JordanReyne Deezul: witchy whoa-man par excellance. A songwriter of rare skill and mood with a penchant for lyrical twist that can hit you like a sky-blue left hook in untied combat boots.

5pm - Twin Ghost is Philadelphia based singer/songwriter. His songs are a well-crafted collection of rootsy, soulful ballads with a bluesy rock edge and pop brilliance; a seasoned artist with a uniquely expressive and distinctive voice. His influences range from yesterday's classics to today's contemporaries.

Join us at 5pm with TWINGHOST RONAS, talented long time veteran of secondlife at MOON ELECTRIC - another stunning venue in the long and storied history of Moonacy!

Live in SL May 26th on the grid!

Live on the Grid May 26 - The Keys Management Group