Sunday, May 4, 2014

THE ORIGINALS ~ STARTS 11AM ~ Join us! - All Original Music today!

Today there will be a amazing showcase of some SL's original singer-songwriters, this is not to be missed. 
Support of Indie Original Artists is needed and today you will hear some amazing music not on the radio but here in SL. They will all share their own material with us today , so get ready it's coming in fast 20min sets!

A occasional showcase for the best music in Second Life. A place to see some acts you have never seen and ones you like to support. 20 minutes slots! Featuring...
Lisa Brune & Funky Freddie - POL Arida - Jordan Reyne - Paris Obscur - Kinagree Smith Band - Voodoo Shilton - Deadeye Fogarty. Starts 11am slt -

Live in SL May 26th on the grid!

Live on the Grid May 26 - The Keys Management Group