Thursday, March 27, 2014



Jordan Reyne's evocative folk-noir has a modern edge that resonates as a richly detailed musical experience enjoyed by audiences from around the world. Join us!

Crescent Bay Mall and Live Venue

Imagine a journey that takes you across the serene waters of your Second Life, and into a circular harbor; hints of a Victorian seafront harbor town, and a wealth of stores which have a great view of the main landing point and are built into the welcoming waterway featuring ocean sounds and some of the best live music on the grid. Enjoy a genuine feeling of tranquility surrounding you as you begin your shopping experience at the Crescent Bay Fashion Mall where you will find some of the best fashion designers in the known grid!

The Crescent Bay Live Venue and Mall grand opening is scheduled for the 27th of March and the schedule of events are as follows. . .

3 PM Jordan Reyne
4 PM Krysania

so be there or be ... somewhere, but we would love to have you there!!

On the Grid tonight TGIF – KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar

On the Grid tonight TGIF – KMG – Sparkie Cyberstar