Thursday, January 23, 2014

Live @ 4pm Noma Falta @ House of Moon ~ 5pm Moondoggirl! Join us :)


4pm starting with NOMA FALTA , Queen of the SL Music scene.
Noma Falta is one of the top acts in SL. Noma is a professional musician/singer who has toured the United States and overseas, slinging guitars and singing music from jazz to soul and rock to blues.
Join us 5pm for MOONDOGGIRL is a MINNEAPOLIS-NASHVILLE singer-songwriter, with a bent for the, dab of jazz, tad of country and some roots and swamp thrown in for good measure. Powerful voice, strong guitar, attitude and emotion seep through her covers and originals like red velvet chocolate cake.

The House of Moon, the newest incarnation in the long and storied history of Moonacy!!
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Live in SL May 26th on the grid!

Live on the Grid May 26 - The Keys Management Group