Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jordan Reyne booking availability in Second Life

Currently looking for some venues open for gigs during the hours of (all in slt/pst) 1am, 3am-1pm in particular to add to Jordan's set times in SL ,
Please contact me directly on FB , SL or Thanks!
Hailing from the land of Lord of the Rings, Jordan Reyne's sound is a blend of celtic / pagan vocals, and factory sound rhythms. Described by the UK's BBC as "simply stunning", Reyne's music blends the magical with the dark. Sinead O'connor meets the Wickerman. 
Jordan uses two Digitech Harmann Jamman loop machines to sample her own voice in the moment of performance. Open tunings and layers of harmony and rhythm are woven beneath lyrics that are a mixture of folkloric and political. Both her voice and lyrics call on the ancient only to twist it at the throat into something new and "utterly bequiling"

Live in SL May 26th on the grid!

Live on the Grid May 26 - The Keys Management Group