Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Chicks & Coffee time 9am-12pm slt/pst - Join us!

Chicks & Coffee @ Club Voyant, New Orleans
 Acoustic performances, hot and strong, the smell of fresh brewed art in the air... come and experience the flavorful sounds of a powerful blend of voice and steel.
30 minute performances then a refill to keep your cup running over.
9:00 am Clairede Dirval
9:30 am Sassy Nitely
10:00 am Terry Lynn Melody
10:30 am Camme Carver
11:00 am Moon Spark
11:30 am Noma Falta
Its Time for Flavor!!!

Live at Lavender Field 2pm-4pm for Feed A Smile

We have a very special event at the Lavender Field for Feed a Smile today!  Ian Harrod  and  Virgil Flowers  will be gracing our stage for t...